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Attended a webinar this morning held by the Independent Trustee Company (ITC). There were 3 presentations given – pensions, Quilter (an investment management consultancy firm) and then Niall Harbison of Simply Zesty. The latter is the CEO of an Irish company running about 1.5 years. Online PR, using social media for business, etc. Niall stood out, not for being the only person in the room without a business suit, but for his fresh delivery, telling us how businesses are using social media and what things are coming down the line. “Groupon” is huge in the U.S. apparently and is starting here. It is the fastest growing business of all time.

Simply Zesty has a policy of giving away everything for free, without holding anything back. I’m interested in doing podcasts and perhaps videos for YouTube – Now I have a place to start! 

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