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Cutting telephone and broadband costs

I help clients cut costs all the time but I was reluctant to risk any disruption by changing my own telephone and broadband service providers. I took the plunge with UPC, have faster broadband and a “free” TV service and still have saved money! Continue reading

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Bruised, battered and bewildered by the banks

The Irish Government has finally come to the realisation that mortgage debt is a massive problem and intends making the issue “a priority”. Tens of thousands of people are already stressed out about it, not just the people struggling with mortgage arrears. Take away the stress by engaging a mortgage professional to represent you instead of trying to do it yourself. For those who can’t pay a fee, contact MABS, which provides an excellent service at no charge.
Individual stories from people trying to negotiate directly with their mortgage lenders provide anecdotal evidence that the banks are not being too helpful.
If you do have a problem with debt, make contact with your lender as soon as you can. Continue reading

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