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We’re all going to die, but hopefully later rather than sooner! If we die prematurely, hopefully we have looked after our families by arranging life cover. If we get sick and can’t work, then hopefully an income protection and/or serious illness plan will help out.

However, if we don’t get sick or die, then presumably we will get old and therefore need an income later on in life. Save something now on a regular basis from current income, invest it consistent with our own attitude to risk & return and enjoy the results in later life. That’s your pension!

Of course the industry and the State make pensions quite technical and there are plenty of rules, regulations and so forth. But even so, your pension is about saving now for the future. We will advise you on funding and talk you through investment funds appropriate to your chosen level of risk. We can track down and review paid-up pension plans from previous employments throughout your career and guide you through options now available to you. We offer a regular review as investment options made today may not be appropriate in 12 months time, for instance.

At retirement we will help you to assess your options in such areas as an income for life (annuity), spouse’s pension, tax-free and taxable lump sums, AMRFs, ARF’s and anything else you want to look at – in as non-technical or indeed as technical language as you like.

Good Financial Housekeeping wants to help clients over the long term, not just today.

The Loan Arranger Limited t/a Good Financial Housekeeping is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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