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I have had 2 traditional phone lines and a DSL broadband facility in my home office for several years, but have been paying too much. After helping clients to reduce costs on many monthly items of expenditure, it was about time I looked at the one item of my own which I hadn’t bothered to review. I overcame my natural reluctance to risk service disruptions in changing my phone and broadband suppliers and made those changes.

Before the change:

Imagine fixed line rental  €25.36

UTV fixed line rental + voicemail + free national calls €33.86

UTV Internet 7.6mb broadband + unlimited download €29.98

Total fixed cost = €89.20 per month.

After the change (to UPC):

Fibre power broadband 25mb   €35.00

Phone with Anytime World        €10.00

Additional phone line                   €6.00

Total fixed cost = €51.00 per month

Monthly saving = €38.20

I was happy with this saving, but also better off having improved my real broadband speed from 4mb to about 23mb. In addition, I now have 400 minutes per month to foreign landlines at no extra cost!

Although I had not planned to look into the UPC television service, I then wondered whether it was time to say goodbye to Sky. Not wanting to be too hasty, I decided to try out UPC by opting for the Digital Select Extra TV package in one bedroom. The UPC bundles can be a little confusing on the website, but the net result was that my revised total package comes to €76 per month. I have still saved money and now have an additional TV service, as well as fast broadband. My next step will be to get rid of the Sky TV monthly bill of €48 for 2 rooms and replace it with UPC for just €10 per month! (UPC charges €5 per additional room, provided you already have their TV service installed.) My total savings on this project will then be €51.20 per month comparing before and after. Not bad!

By the way, the changeover was pretty smooth too and the UPC customer care staff were very helpful with my queries. Neither I nor my company has any kind of business relationship with UPC, so unfortunately there was no gratuity forthcoming. If only I could say something nice about the banks….

Paul Lucas

Good Financial Housekeeping

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